“The Shocking Truth About Bullying In YOUR School And How You Can Help Stop This Problem BEFORE It Has A Chance To Harm The Success Of Your Students Now And Later In Life…”

Dear Fellow Educator,

I’m sure you’ll agree that bullying is a serious problem that cannot be ignored. A child who is frequently bullied is at risk for serious health, self-esteem, and success problems now and later in life.

Bullying goes way beyond just teasing. Bullies will use a combination of repeatedly teasing, threatening, and even attacking that can slowly eat away at the victim child’s self-esteem and cause problems later in life for both the victim and the bully.

It's shocking to find that:

  • One in seven children report that they have been bullied in school.
  • Only 4% of the incidents involved adult intervention.
  • Only 11% involved peer intervention.


What’s more? According to Professor Dan Olweus, a leading authority on bullying, bullies identified by the age of eight:

  • Are six times more likely to be convicted of a crime by the age of twenty-four and are five times more likely than non-bullies to end up with serious criminal records by the age of thirty.

Violent television shows, movies, video games, and daily news broadcasts only serve to make our bullying problem worse. In the media, it seems a child has nowhere to turn for a positive role model, and many times the home environment does not provide one either.

It’s sad but true: Bullying continues to become an even more serious problem.

Fortunately, There Is A Way For Your Students To Learn The Important Facts About Bullying – And Have FUN At The Same Time!

Introducing : The “ BAND Together For A Bully-Free School Program – Resolving Conflicts The Right Way”.

The word “BAND” is an easy-to-remember acronym that helps students remember the main points of the presentation, which are…

The “BAND” Acronym Explained:

B ullying is never okay – Many bullies don’t realize that they are bullying and think of it as only “having a little fun”. Children will learn the three types of bullying and how they affect the feelings of other people.

A sk for help if you are being bullied, or if you know someone who is – Children need to know that help from a trusted adult is available for them and they need to know how to ask.

N o one deserves to be bullied – Just because someone is different doesn’t mean you can pick on him/her. Bullies often justify their actions by saying that the victim “deserves” bad treatment.

D o your part ! – Creating a bully-free school is a team effort between the bullies, victims, bystanders, parents, teachers, and school staff. If any one of those groups fails to do their part, then bullying will remain a problem. Children will learn what they need to do, and how to do it.

The challenge when creating this program was to teach this critical topic in a light, upbeat, and non-threatening manner without sacrificing any of the important messages that kids NEED TO HEAR.

Combined with teaching tools and visual aids such as…

  • Astounding Magic
  • Storytelling
  • Role Playing
  • Chester (The hysterical and popular skunk puppet who brings down the house…)
  • Complete Audience Involvement And Participation
  • And More…

… "BAND Together for a Bully Free School” is able to grab and maintain the attention of any group of 3 rd – 6 th graders for an entire block of 35-minutes and then some. They won’t even know they’re learning until it’s too late.

Magic is not only a great attention-getter, but it is also a great visual aid. Magical props and effects are sprinkled throughout the program to illustrate the points and clarify the messages. Isn’t that a great way to learn?

Click the play button below to watch Louie presenting the BAND Together for a Bully Free School assembly:


Here Are The Important Details You Need About The “BAND Together For A Bully-Free School” Program:


  • Length of Program: 35 minutes
  • Grade Level: Targeted to students in grades 1 – 6
  • Recommended Audience Size: 250 Max: 300
  • Stage Requirements: Power Outlet
  • Sound System: Provided for you
  • Set-Up Time Required: 20-30 minutes for 1 st show, 15 minutes for each subsequent performance.
  • End of Day Strike Time: 15-20 minutes

Students will leave the assembly with…

  • Coping strategies
  • New skills to deal with their next bully encounter
  • The confidence and assurance that they are not alone
  • Motivation to help create a bully-free school as a team

Louie Foxx’s Exclusive Better Than Money Back Guarantee

My guarantee is simple and straightforward. If you are not completely satisfied that my program entertained and educated the children, you get 100% of your money back PLUS I’LL DONATE $25.00 TO YOUR PTA just for wasting your time.

That’s right. You get the complete fee refunded plus twenty five dollars!

I can’t be any fairer than that, can I? There’s no risk for your school whatsoever. In fact, out of the hundreds of assembly programs I’ve presented, no one has ever requested their money back!

The point is; you’ll be happy with the program… guaranteed.

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Louie Foxx